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Our desire is to spread the Smart Browser among as many people as possible, so they can benefit by saving time and reducing frustration. – The AGA CAD team

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  AGA CAD is the Pioneer and the Leader in Autodesk® Revit® add-ons and

a professional BIM software for AEC/FM Developer

under the tools4revit© trademark worldwide


SPECIALIZATION: We are developing Building Design and Data Management tools and professional solutions vital for BIM, based on: Mathematical Modelling; Scientific Knowledge and Experience in Architecture, Engineering & Construction; International Design Standards.



AGA CAD Ltd. is the developer and the supplier of CAD/CAM and BIM design software and BIM data management solutions, operating since 1991, when one of the company founders brought the first AutoCAD license to Lithuania. We have been the first reseller of Autodesk, Inc. products in the Baltic States. AGA CAD, Ltd. has been an Autodesk Partner for over 25 years. Operating since 1988, AGA CAD is one of the oldest Autodesk Authorized Training Centers in Europe.


The Mission of AGA CAD is to create tangible and measurable benefits for our clients' businesses through software innovation.

Our products accelerate design, increase productivity and reduce design costs for architects, MEP engineers, structural engineers and contractors significantly, tangibly and measurably.


Main AGA CAD activities are BIM software development and BIM solution implementation; programming services to work with BIM projects; creation of Revit® families.


With resellers and partners in some countries, AGA CAD, Ltd. implements BIM solutions for architects, structural and MEP engineers, builders and building contractors.


The management team is located in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, in the Baltic region of Europe. The company consists of numerous departments: Client Service, Programming, Management, Sales, Training and Consulting.


Legal Information

AGA CAD, Ltd. is the legal company name registered in 1991. It is registered in Vilnius Municipality, Lithuania. All registration information is managed by the Centre of Registers of Lithuania.

The company registration number is 220320180 and the VAT number is LT203201811.