Product overview

Smart Browser© is a free Revit® extension for quick locating Revit families in external libraries

Compatible with Revit® 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2012, 2011, and Revit® 2010!


Our desire is to spread the Smart Browser among as many people as possible, so they can benefit by saving time and reducing frustration. – The AGA CAD team

Over 10,000 Revit users worldwide are already using our Smart Browser. We welcome every Revit user to join our community in using our software!


Updates of Smart Browser Free

Release: Aug 31, 2015

Smart Browser Free 2016.2

Added possibility to load subcategories from predefined file to your Revit® families.



Release: May 11, 2015

Smart Browser Free 2016.1

Compatible with Revit® 2016!


The main novelty of the 2016 version edition – it contains the installer that is a very convenient new platform for tool installation, activation and management named TOOLS4BIM DockAll functionality of Smart Browser Free is the same as before except the interface is different. Please read more about TOOLS4BIM Dock benefits and how to use it here >>.


Release: May 22, 2014

Smart Browser Free 2015.1 


Release: September 25, 2013

Smart Browser 2014.2, 2013.5


What’s new:


  • Added possibility to group Revit families by their version:

Smart Browser v 2014.2-1


  • All tags and symbols will be grouped together under Annotation Symbols in the Project Browser:

Smart Browser v 2014.2-2

  • After synchronization process the tool will show a detailed report if some families are not synchronized. The tool will let you know about damaged families that can’t be used in the company library:

Smart Browser v 2014.2-3

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Smart Browser 2014.1

Compatible with new Revit® 2014!


Moreover, Smart Browser v2013.4 and v2012.6 are updated.

We have eliminated the direct link between an online store  and Smart Browser.

If you want to use the newest Smart Browser version, please click on this link  Smart Browser v.2014 download >>.



Release date: February 22, 2013 - v.2013.4 and v.2012.6

Smart Browser 2013.4 and 2012.6 - what's new:


  • Now Smart Browser will keep you updated! It will let you know if the library was modified. User will get a message while opening Smart Family Browser. This way user will know when the library should be synchronized:


Revit Family Browser will keep you updated when your Revit library should be synchronyzed


  • New column is added for showing formulas of selected family:


Smart Browser shows formulas of selected Revit family


  • The possibility to search for families by their Revit version is added.


  • Now Project Family Browser has a possibility to display tags and other detail families.


  • New language is implemented – Portuguese!


 Free Smart Browser is in many different languages available


Previous releases


Smart Browser 2013.3 and 2012.5 - what's new: 


  • Possibility to change families PNG and 3D DWF files location.
  • More convenient dialog.



Smart Browser 2013.2 and 2012.4 - what's new:


  • Enables to create unlimited quantity of new libraries; same family can be stored in different libraries without duplication.
  • Enables to load all selected families into the project.
  • Enables to remove back up files during synchronization.